Dive Instruction

dive-training-1 Discover

This is an easy entrance into the world of diving.  We’ll teach you some basic skills and take you out for a dive.  Includes use of equipment.

Cost is $90 (1 tank) or $125 (2 tank)

dive-training-5 Open Water Diver

You can become a PADI Open Water Certified Diver on your vacation!  Start your learning online and finalize certification here in Cozumel, where the water is warm and clear. After you’ve completed e-learning we will need to complete academics; teach you about gear and it’s set up; followed by instruction of scuba skills in the pool.   After this we need to get you out into the open water for 4 dives.  Entire certification can possibly be done in 3-4 days.  Includes use of equipment.

Cost is $425

dive-training-6 Referrals

If you’ve completed academics elsewhere and just need our instructor to complete your 4 check out dives.  This can be done over 2 days.  You are required to bring your Universal Referral Form and medical statement.  Includes use of equipment.

Cost is $250

dive-training-4 Advanced Open Water

Already a certified diver and want some continuing education?  The Advanced Open Water can be completed in 5 dives and doesn’t require any written tests.  Specialties to choose for Advanced are: Deep, Navigations, Night, Boat, Wreck, Peak Buoyancy, Drift, Search and Recovery, Stress and Rescue, Photography and Fish identification.  Please check in advance of your trip in the chance we need to purchase materials.

Cost is $285

dive-training-7 Enriched Air (Nitrox)

Adding this certification level to your already Open Water Dive status allows you the opportunity to dive with gases at a higher level of concentration of oxygen.  This in turn allows for longer bottom times.  Does not include dive; requires no diving.

Cost is $100